500ml Erlenmeyer Flask

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Buy glass 500ml conical flasks for only $6.95 or save 40% by the case. Save even more when you buy the 500ml flask+cork stopper bundle or 500ml flask+rubber stopper bundle for your milk, water or juice decanters. Indigo Erlenmeyer flasks are made with heat resistant borosilicate glass and are fully autoclaveable for sterilization.

Custom imprinting available with special order; fast turnaround.

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Erlenmeyer flasks are often used for long term storage of liquids & are convenient for pouring. If economy is important, especially for smaller volumes, glass test tubes are an alternative. If you require something more durable & a more rounded profile, florence boiling flasks can be used instead.

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~25ml/fluid ounce; ~25mm/inch
Volume (ml) Graduations (ml) Height (mm) Diameter Max (mm) Diameter Neck (mm)
500 100 176±1.5 105±1.5 34±1
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They shipped quickly and came exactly as indicated, and for a great price.
— Sandy
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