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Pick the Right pH Test Strips for the Best Results

A simple definition of pH is that it is a measure of the relative concentration of Hydrogen ions. The more Hydrogen ions there are, the more acidic the solution is; the fewer, the more alkaline. It uses a base 10 logarithmic scale with pH0 being highly concentrated acid, pH1 is 1/10th the strength of pH0, pH2 is 1/10th the strength of pH1 & so on.

A solution with pH14 is a highly concentrated alkali & 10 times stronger than pH13, 100 times stronger than pH12 & so on.
In the middle is pH7, also know as neutral pH. It is both 1 million times less acidic than pH0 & 1 million times less basic (alkaline) than pH14.
The first thing you need to determine is what range of pH you need to test for. See the list below for guidelines. Once you know what the range is, go to our complete list of pH strips & chose the one that best suits your needs.

Note: pH test strips only work on aqueous or water based solutions. You cannot use these strips on oils for example.

pH Scale of Common Items

Once you have chosen the pH strip that works for you, simply dip the strip into the solution you want to test & get the results in seconds.
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