Acid/Base pH1-14 Test Strips 100/Pack

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Use Indigo® wide range pH 1-14 acid-base test strips when you have a diverse range of materials and/or aren't sure what to expect. Only $13.95/100 strips.

Indigo® pH 1-14 triple pad test strips measure the pH of aqueous solutions to within +/-1 pH unit. Soft, distilled or reverse osmosis water has low ionic strength and little buffering capacity & take longer to react. These strips are not intended for diagnosing, treating or monitoring medical conditions. If results are not as you expect, try submersing longer than the recommended 1-2 seconds & reading later than the suggested 10-15 seoncs.

Guaranteed minimum shelf life of 3 years or more if kept sealed even after opening. The 1 strip for all your health concerns.


The wide range strips only measure in pH 1 step increments and are best used when you have absolutely no idea whether your solution is acid or base. You can use these first to determine which of our other acid or base test strips you should use to measure in more precise 0.5 pH steps.

These are ideal for science fair demonstrations if you want to compare the pH of many different foods or drinks. They are also perfect for showing that the pH scale is logarithmic. In other words, you can take a strong acid like HCl or strong base like NaOH & dilute by a factor of 10 which will change the pH by "1".

These pH test strips feature triple pads on each measuring stick. This is to ensure the best contrast & color comparison under different lighting conditions. Depending on the pH you are measuring any two of the pads will change while the 3rd doesn't.

After dipping the strip, compare the 3 colors to find the closest match. With practice and using the same light source every time, you may be able to infer pH changes of less than 1 pH unit.

Note (1): Changes can be subtle & may appear different under fluorescent, incandescent or sunlight. So, an experiment done at home in the kitchen might look a little different in the school gymnasium during science fair.

Note (2): The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.



Color chart indicates in steps of 1 pH unit but 0.5 pH can be estimated.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo pH  1-14 Acid Base Triple Pad Stability Statement Indigo pH  1-14 Acid Base Triple Pad Certificate of Analysis Indigo pH  1-14 Acid Base Triple Pad SDS
Reviews (10)

I received my order quickly. The three pad pH strips for ph 1-14 are very easy to read for my indigo vats...much easier than the standard pH strips. They were also less expensive than the same product from Maiwa.

— Jackie

Works without issue and gives decent results. We have ordered a few times now and will likely continue.

— Nick
— Indigo:

Thank you for your test strip feedback.


These came fairly quickly, and they work great :)

— Maria

Great product and better price than where I previously purchased. Arrived quickly too! Will be reordering.

— Joyce
— Indigo:

We appreciate the feedback. Our blog,?How Do You Use a pH Test Strip?, may be of interest to others considering our strips.


I prefer these pH test strips over others I have used. The delivery time was very fast. I am happy with the product and the service.

— Toby

Excellent product. The strips are packaged well and easy to use. The triple pads make it quite easy to read very accurately. The order was very well packaged and delivered quickly.

— Doug D.
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feed back. We have had questions about reading triple pads, this explains further: How Do You Use a pH Test Strip?

Nice product, the delivery was incredible fast. Thank you
— Sarai
Great value!!! Shipping was quick.
— Christine
I phoned in my order and it was promptly taken care of. Later in the day I picked up my order and that went smoothly as well. Very good service indeed and the products I order are always of good quality .
— Daniel
— Indigo: Thank you for your repeat business and kind words.
Easy order online. Fast delivery right to the door! Recommend.
— Fred
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