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Potato Starch Test Strips 50/Pack

Potato glucose test strips are used to predetermine the color of potatoes prior to deep frying since free glucose is directly proportional to darkness; only $23.95 per 50 strips.

Comparing prices? Note that we supply 50/pack AND you can cut them in half, so you really are getting 100 tests per pack.

Click Specifications Tab below for how to use.


SKU: 33814-GluP
Potato glucose test strips, 0-2%, 50/pack

PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save.
Price for each$23.95USD$22.50USD
Your savings- 6.05%

Quantity :

  • Select 5 or more potatoes from the lot of potatoes of which you want to determine the sugar content.
  • Cut the potato in half lengthwise.
  • Take one test strip from the vial. Do not handle strip with hands except where you grasp it to remove from the vial.
  • Apply the ribbon flat to the length of the potato and press the two halves of the cut potato back together so that all parts of the strip are moistened with potato juice. Immediately remove the strip from the potato.
  • Wait one minute. If ribbon remains yellow it indicates that no glucose sugar is present and chips will fry a light color. If the ribbon turns green, compare it with the color chart.
  • Any strip darker than the 1/10% color (1st green shade) will probably fry to a dark color. Wipe knife blade before cutting next potato.

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