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50 Glucose Osmosis Strips

These glucose test strips are lab experiments that demonstrate glucose diffusion by osmosis as it occurs across a membrane similar to the way the small intestine works.

Although these strips are accurate, they should not be used to diagnose medical conditions such as diabetes.

We do offer a test strip that can detect glucose in urine but it is for recommended for lab use not self diagnosis. The other is for measuring glucose in potatoes.

SKU: 33814-Glu
Glucose lab test strips, 0.1-0.01%, 50/pack

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One can show that starch does not cross the barrier but glucose does. The color test chart indicates concentration levels in mg/dL but you can convert this to mmol/L by multiplying by 0.055. eg. 100mg/dL is equal to 5.5mmol/L.

These strips are specific to glucose. You will not get a reaction with soft drinks or regular sugar since these are mainly fructose or sucrose. However, one simple demonstration anyone can do is to chew a saltine (salty cracker) and spit out a bit after a few seconds & test it. Then try it again but chew longer so that the salty taste disappears and begins to taste slightly sweet. The strips are sensitive enough to detect the glucose from the breakdown of starch.

These strips are not intended for medical diagnosis. Should you decide to test your urine & you get any positive result you should report it to your physician and test your blood sugar levels.

Note(1): The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.  

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