50 Glucose Osmosis Strips

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Indigo™ glucose test strips are used in osmosis/diffusion lab experiments; only $13.95 for 50 strips. The change in glucose concentration indicates the direction of water movement by osmosis across semi-permeable membranes.

Although these strips can measure glucose accurately in urine, they should not be used to self diagnose medical conditions such as diabetes. Consult a physician if you have concerns.


The color test chart indicates concentration levels in mg/dL but you can convert this to mmol/L by multiplying by 0.055. eg. 100mg/dL is equal to 5.5mmol/L.

These strips are not intended for medical diagnosis. Should you decide to test your urine & you get any positive result you should report it to your physician who can order a proper test for your blood sugar levels.

  • The number of strips (50) per pack is approximate.
  • The guaranteed shelf life is 3 years if stored properly. 5 years is possible if the pack is kept sealed & stored in a cool dark place.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo Glucose Osmosis Lab Test Strips Stability Statement Indigo Glucose Osmosis Lab Test Strips Certificate of Analysis Indigo Glucose Osmosis Lab Test Strips SDS
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