Ammonia Leak Detection

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Ammonia has replaced fluorochlorohydrocarbons (Freon) as a refrigerant due to concerns about oxone layer depletion in the Earth's atmosphere. Only $2.95 for 100 strips.

Because ammonia (NH3) is a very small molecule, it can leak through very small gaps in the fittings used to attach gas lines. The image shows phenolphthalein test strips that changed color in response to the alkaline pH of ammonia. Note that the strip on the left which shows the response was wetted first with a drop of water while the one in the middle shows no change at all.


How to test for ammonia gas?

Simply wet the test strip with water & hold it near the suspected leak. The most likely places are typically joints or fittings. The paper will change color as shown in the image.

This is a fairly common test method for refrigeration units since strips are cheap & portable. They can be used at home, in hockey rinks & everything in between. For more precise quantitative detection, there are special gas detection units for this purpose.

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  • The number of strips per pack or vial is approximate.
  • Shelf life is at least 2 years if kept properly sealed after opening; 5 years is typical.
  • Available in larger sheets, 8x10" (200x250mm), by special order.
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Product was received quickly after order. Works just as advertised. An easy method to look for small ammonia leaks.
— Deep River Curling Club
Fast service! Ordered and shipped on same day. Shipped on Thursday, received in rural NL on Monday. Product as described.
— DN
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