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Does your well water have a tell tale sulfur smell that says you could have a problem with bacterial contamination? Lead acetate test papers can quickly detect hydrogen sulfide in your drinking water down to ~3ppm. Use Indigo® lead acetate test papers to detect H2S, only $3.95 per 100 strips.

See below for supporting documentation including Certificate of Analysis, Stability & SDS.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is lethal in relatively low concentrations. If you smell it & then you don't, play it safe & leave immediately! You also might find this article on gas stove leaks interesting.


How To Test for Hydrogen Sulfide in Air?

Hydrogen sulfide has a distinct sulfurous odor and can indicate bacterial contamination. It is also added to odorless natural gas to help indicate a gas leak. Note though that some gas companies might add other sulfur based compounds such as thiols, thioketones or mercaptans which does not react with lead acetate.

Lead acetate test strips are a cheap & simple method of hydrogen sulfide detection in both water & air. Simply dip in water & check for a color change. To measure H2S gas in air, wet the strip first. If present, the strip will change color.

These test papers do not come with a color chart but the presence and relative concentration of hydrogen sulfide is readily apparent. While nominally specified with a 5ppm detection sensitivity, 1-3ppm appears sufficient to cause the white test paper to slowly turn grey. As the concentration approaches the dangerous level of 400ppm, the change proceeds very rapidly.

This paper on how to use lead acetate paper to test for sulfur in materials lists some procedures. Some of the tools mentioned are listed in Related Products below.

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  • The number of strips (100) per bag is approximate.
  • Shelf life is 3 years but if bag is properly sealed, they should be good for a minimum of 5 years.

Test Strip Documentation

Stability Statement Certificate of Analysis SDS
Indigo Lead acetate test strips Stability Statement Indigo Lead acetate test strips Certificate of Analysis Indigo Lead acetate test strips SDS
Reviews (2)
Exactly what I ordered.
— Randy

The test strips from Indigo are top notch. They are always competitively priced and shipped on time. The best part of dealing with Indigo is that they stay on top of their products. We had a bad batch of strips arrive in the past but before we could figure it out the hard way, Indigo had identified the issue and had a replacement order already in the mail to us. Pretty hard to beat that kind of customer service.

— Mike Shields
— Indigo:

Thanks for the kind words & great review. We knew how important these strips were to your business & we happy to nip it in the bud!

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