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Buy genuine Indigo™ brand 200ppm chlorine sanitizer test strips. Economical and easy to use with the wash-rinse-sanitize 3 sink cleaning method. Only $2.55 per 100 strips. Buy 3 & we're cheaper than so called "Free shipping"

Buy 10 packs of Indigo™ 200ppm chlorine test strips & really save! How long are they good for? Read: Sanitizer Test Strip Expiration; Good Today, Dead Tomorrow?

Our free Chlorine bleach dilution calculator takes the guesswork out of mixing with water. Works with any concentration of sodium hypochlorite.


How to Make a 100 ppm Chlorine Solution

(or any other concentration)

Use our bleach dilution calculator to take out the guesswork out of trying to calculate how to prepare any ppm chlorine solutions. Watch how:

Foodborne illness caused by bacteria such as Salmonella sp. can be limited by proper cleaning of dishes, countertops, glassware, etc. followed up by rinsing in a bleach solution. The health codes of most municipalities in North America recommend a level of 100-200ppm for effective germ inhibition. Testing should be done a minimum of once a day in smaller restaurants, more frequently in busy establishments since each freshly rinsed dish or glass will slightly dilute the rinse solution.

These chlorine bleach test strips are very easy to use. Simply dip a strip in the bleach rinse solution & compare to the color chart on the vial. You should be able to determine, in seconds, whether or not your solution is at the strength recommended for safe food handling.

  • Indigo™ test strips come in stoppered vials and have a minimum 2 year shelf life.
  • If kept stoppered when not in use, actual life is in excess of 5 years
  • These strips measure total chlorine
  • The number of strips (100) per vial is approximate.

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Reviews (22)
These are the perfect range for food surface sanitizer and so affordable.
We have purchased from Indigo Instruments for over 10 years and always find excellent service and product!
— Leah
— Indigo: Thank you Leah for your continued trust in us and our products.
Prompt service, great prices and excellent product. Thanks!
— Brigid
These are the brand food Inspectors use. I have used them over the years with great success.
— Cameron
Work well & quick delivery every time we order.
— Mike
We have been using Chlorine strips from Indigo Instruments for years. Great value and fast service.
— Gordon
Great product, great price. Delivery service is excellent. The addition of the chlorine (dilution) calculator is very helpful.
— Jane
These strips are perfect for our purposes, easy to use, and very affordable.
— Shannon
Thanks for the great service, I love your strips.
— Gary
Fast shipping, good product, great price!
— Claudia
Great product and always a timely delivery.
— Cliff Warner
Great product. fast delivery
— Donna
Fast delivery and exactly what we were looking for. The strips come in a convenient container and you can easily read the results.
— Debora
Great product and packaging, have re-ordered multiple times, fast shipping
— Mike
Fast shipping. Great price. Nothing bad to say about this product.
— La ClĂ©mentine
great product - good price and swift delivery - what more could you ask for?
— Great service
Shipping was quick, strips are basic and do their job! Overall happy with product.
— Armstrong Parks and Recreation
The test strips are a quick means of determining the chlorine level in the bleach feed tank of our water treatment system. The test strips are reasonably priced and I have had excellent service from Indigo.
— Raymond
— Indigo: Thanks for the feedback....an application we hadn't thought about!
Excellent, instant-read, consistent results, useful for my catering business as well as culinary technology in school. Very fast delivery at an affordable price.
— Derrick Sleep
Great price point, customer is easily able to read the results and love that it comes in a closeable tube as our last supplier came in an envelope and we had customers having a problem with them getting wet.
— Melissa
These strips are exactly what we need for monitoring the chlorine levels in our different cleaning and sanitizing points on our production line. Fast shipping with no issues.
— Gordie
Fast service and very good quality.
— Sandra
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