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Silicon-Gold Nanoshell Model

  This nanoshell model is a modified buckyball. Instead of using the standard 3 prong 120 degree trigonal atoms, the 5 prong trigonal bipyramidal atoms are used so that the outer sphere can be secured to the inner sphere. 

SKU: 68615W
Orbit Nanoshell Model Kit, 120 atoms


Quantity :

The inner black layer denotes a silica nanosphere while the outer blue layer represents gold. These compounds are used in cancer therapy or for tumor imaging.

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68259CAtom, Orbit, C, trigonal bipyramidal, black60
68260CAtom, Orbit, N, trigonal bipyramidal, blue60
68186-20Wobbly bond, 20mm, each180
68186-30Wobbly bond, 30mm, each56
68186-35Wobbly bond, 35mm, each34

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