Buckyball C60

SKU: 62102

$31.95USD Each


This C60 carbon buckyball model comes with 60 atoms & 90 bonds & measures ~300mm (12") in diameter. Made with Genuine Molymod parts, for only $31.95.

You can combine 3 or more of these kits to build a single walled strong>carbon nanotube. Or,add atoms and bonds (see Related Products below) to create C70 version or anything else want to do.


This 60 atom buckyball can be converted into a buckytube when 3 or more kits are combined but the model is highly strained unless the diameter is large enough.

Click here to see the entire range of Molymod Molecular Model Kits available from Indigo Instruments. Or, you can augment this model kit with Genuine Molymod Molecular Model Atoms & Bonds.

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