Magnetic Field Demo

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Buy this bundle of bar magnets, iron filings and petri dishes for 10 students. You can do magnetic field visualization, repulsion/attraction & paper clip pickup tests; only $26.95.

Click on "Filings in Action" below to see a video about magnetic fields.

See our blog on Magnet Experiments for Kids for more information and ideas.

Note: Plastic bonds included in this kit may be a different color than shown.

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22700CPetri dish, 90x15mm high, plastic, sterile, Each for Kit Use10
33476-2Iron filings, 2g in plastic bag10
33544Bar magnet, ferrite, 75x18x6.5mm, red/blue: N/S20
67287CBond, Minit, green, 210mm10
67334CAtom, Minit, Cl, octahedral, green40
  • Use for repulsion-attraction; will not demagnetize when pushed together
  • Stamped "N" & "S" & painted red & blue respectively
  • Paint is guaranteed lead & heavy metal free
  • Will pick up minimum of 20 uncoated paperclips
  • Use with petri dish stand and iron filings to show magnetic field
  • Note (1): Ferrite bars are fragile/brittle. Do not drop on hard floors.
  • Note (2): Ferrite bars are relatively weak & will not magnetize nails or pins. Stronger magnets such as Nd or Alnico are best for this application.
Reviews (1)

Very pleased with the product. The magnets are good sized and have a good field to them. They seem sturdy and not easy to break. Haven't set up the viewing trays yet, but will be using them soon. Excited to have something other than a paper plate for field views.

— Karl
— Indigo:

Thanks for the feedback. We did the paper clip pickup test as outlined in Magnet Experiments for Kids after seeing an Amazon review where their ferrite bar magnets could barely lift a single paper clip. We then found they were just strong enough to demonstrate magnetic fields with iron filings.

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