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Affordable Ferrite Bar Magnets

Great for Educational Applications - Safe for Kids!

Ferrite Bar Magnets

Ferrite bar magnets for basic experiments on magnetic field lines, attraction-repulsion, compass readings & more.

Child safe-our Certificate of Analysis guarantees no heavy metals in paint used for easy to identify opposite poles.

Buy the right magnet for your school & science project educational needs-buy Indigo ferrite bar magnets for performance & economy.

Ferrite bars, small rectangular magnets, are perfect companions to curiosity in the science & education section of your curriculum. Their easily identified north & south poles make them ideal compass magnets. Use them in school classrooms for basic concepts involving easy experiments in physics class. Or, with magnetic fluids & different objects such as magnetic marbles. They are a natural to feed the curiosity of any science & education curriculum.

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75mm (3") Bar Magnet

75mm (3") Bar Magnet

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100mm (4") Bar Magnet

100mm (4") Bar Magnet

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120mm (5") Bar Magnet

120mm (5") Bar Magnet

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Bar Magnet Iron Filings Experiment for Kids

Bar Magnet Iron Filings Experiment for Kids

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More Information

How to Visualize a Magnetic Field?

Here are 3 ways to use bar magnets for in a magnetic field visualization experiment. We offer material for the first two.

  • Make the magnetic field lines visible using iron filings with a petri dish or FieldView
  • Use a Mark II Magnaprobe to show that the magnetic field lines are above, below, side to side
  • Move a plotting compass around the bar magnet & watch the needle position change

What you are seeing over the bar magnet image shown below is analogous to the shape of the magnetic field around the Earth.

Magnetic Lines


Magnetic Field Superposition

Put two bar magnets, as NS-NS (or SN-SN) under a petri dish. Sprinkle some iron filings over the ends of the magnets & the gap in between. Then move them towards each other & back. You should see similar magnetic field lines form in what is called superpositioning or vector addition of their respective magnetic fields.

Overlapping Magnetic Fields

Additional Information

Our blog, Ferrite Bar Magnet Experiments for Kids has additional suggestions for using bar magnets. 

You can watch an older, pre-HD video of the magnaprobe in action & how it illustrates the 3D nature of magnetic fields; a great analogy for the Earth's magnetic field.

Ferrite Cermaic Magnet Technical Specifications - C5 Grade
Grade Name Br (KG) HcB (KOe) Hci (KOe) BhMax (MGOe) Tmax
C5 3.8 2.4 2.5 3.4 250oC

Summary of Features

  • Economical-1/5th the price of AlNiCo
  • Strong-1/2 the strength of AlNico but does almost all the same experiments
  • No special storage requirements-won't fade with age
  • Use for repulsion-attraction; won't demagnetize when pushed together
  • Stamped "N" & "S" & painted red & blue respectively
  • Paint has low lead & heavy metal levels (77mg/kg=77ppm; less than govt. regs.)
  • Will pick up minimum of 20 uncoated metal paperclips
  • Note: Ferrite bars are brittle & will chip if dropped on hard surfaces


  1. Grades of Ferrite
  2. Grades of Alnico
  3. Government Regulations for Lead Paint (90ppm max)

These magnets are very weak so there is no danger from 2 of them coming together in an attraction experiment. There are also safe for young children, supervised of course. You can view this report on Paint Analysis that shows the levels of heavy metals are well below recommended limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Bar Magnets

One of the best ways to visualize a magnet field is with a Magnaprobe. You can use it with any of our ferrite bar magnets, watch this video. Or try it with our FieldView™ device.

Small rectangular ferrite bar magnets can help demonstrate simple principles such as attraction-repulsion, the shape of magnetic fields & simple tasks like picking up paper clips.

Indigo ferrite bar magnets are designed specifically for science & education. They can show attraction-repulsion or the shape of magnetic fields. They have lead free paint & are guaranteed safe for all ages.

Ferrite bar magnets are strong enough for teaching basic principles of magnetism but not so strong they will pinch little fingers.