Ferrite Bar Magnets

Ferrite bar magnets that pick up 20+ uncoated metal paper clips. Certified heavy metal free too! Buy Indigo brand bar magnets where quality+quantity beats "free" shipping.

Ferrite bar magnets blue-red & stamped N-S and magnetized at the ends for repulsion-attraction.

Pick up paper clips or show the shape of magnetic fields with iron filings, compasses or magnaprobes.

  • Use for repulsion-attraction
  • Will not demagnetize when pushed together
  • Stamped "N" & "S" & painted red & blue respectively
  • Paint is guaranteed lead & heavy metal free
  • Will pick up minimum of 20 uncoated paperclips
  • Note (1): Ferrite bars are fragile/brittle. Do not drop on hard floors.
  • Note (2): Ferrite bars are relatively weak & will not magnetize nails or pins. Stronger magnets such as Nd or Alnico are best for this application.
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75mm (3") Bar Magnet

75mm (3") Bar Magnet

SKU: 33544
$0.60USD or lower Each
100mm (4") Bar Magnet

100mm (4") Bar Magnet

SKU: 33540
$0.90USD or lower Each
120mm (5") Bar Magnet

120mm (5") Bar Magnet

SKU: 33543
$1.40USD or lower Each
14 Bar Magnet Bundle

14 Bar Magnet Bundle

SKU: 33545-SP1
$8.75USD Each
Magnets + FieldView + Filings

Magnets + FieldView + Filings

SKU: 33545-SP2
$14.75USD Each
Super Magnet Combo

Super Magnet Combo

SKU: 33545-SP3
$24.95USD Each
More Information

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Watch this (really old, pre HD) video of the magnaprobe in action with bar magnets.


You can view a report on Paint Analysis that shows safe levels of heavy metals.