10 Insect Pin Variety Pack

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This sample pack includes 10 stainless steel pins of each of the 10 sizes we offer so you can find out which work best before buying hundreds; ideal for small to large insects.

Besides pinning insects, these pins are handy tools for teaching physics of optics. Use them to make pinhole cameras & find which sized aperture works best.

Entosphinx stainless steel pins are made from 316 grade stainless. 316 grade has a minimum of 0.36% molybdenum (Mo) for superior corrosion resistance. See the Certificate of Analysis below for our guarantee of truly rust resistant insect collection pins.

Some blogs relating to insect pins that may be of interest: Pinhole Photography & Eye Evolution as well as examples with #0 insect pin & #1 insect pin 10 Things You Can do with Insect Pins


What Some of Our Customers Say About Us

Keith Uloth:
Ordered insect pinning equipment with no issues. Their website was easy to navigate and the process was quick without any delays or window reloading.
My order was shipped and received quicker than expected. I will order from them again.

Alison Bell:
Ordered a sample pack of insect pins for making pinhole cameras. Wonderful selection and super-fast shipment even in a pandemic. They work really well for the purpose. I use the pin size below the size of the hole I want and have gotten …

Leyla Cardenas:
Online customer here, from overseas. I bought insect pins because they are impossible to get here. Great products, very reliable business, Everything arrived in great condition.

Mary Claire Becker:
I have been using Indigo Instruments entomology pins in my artwork for almost ten years now, and at this point, they have been an integral part of multiple framed works as well as four different large-scale sculptural paper installations. Basically—huge thanks to Indigo Instruments for being a big part of my studio practice!

Laura Sudweeks:
Ordered 100 magnifying glasses for a marketing project. First I started on Amazon, but they only allowed me to order 10 at a time. That was a waste of my time and a complete pain. Some of the orders were canceled because they couldn't …

Jeanne Paquette:
Indigo Instruments has been a reliable source of affordable hand lenses for beginners in our earth sciences courses at McGill University. We tried other suppliers after coming across the occasional defective items (unavoidable in mass manufacturing). However, Indigo Instruments offers us the best quality:price ratio and attentive service among the many options we tried.

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Certificate of Analysis


Suggested Pin Diameters for Optimal Focus (focal length) for Pinhole Cameras

Focal Length cm
Focal Length in.
Pin Size
Pin Diameter mm
1 ¼  
2 ½
3 ½
4 ½
5 ½
6 ½
Focal Length as defined here is the distance from the pinhole at the front of the camera to rear where the photographic film or paper is placed. This is the distance of best theoretical focus of the pinhole camera's image with a pinhole of particular diameter.

The actual pinhole size/aperture made with a particular pin will likely be slightly larger than the diameter of the pin shaft. A small diameter pinhole has a shorter effective focal length; however smaller diameter pinholes will also require longer exposure times than larger pinholes. Depending on your photographic/artistic goals (ultra-sharp focus may not be required, or even desired) you may wish to choose a larger pinhole and give up some sharpness for faster more practical exposure times.

Information provided courtesy of Dan Pickard, Seattle WA

Reviews (1)
This was my first time with Indigo Instruments. Quick service. Great products. In this case, stainless steel insect pins. I'm glad I got the sample pack because I found the right size I wanted and it helped me with my next purchase. Way to go Indigo!
— TK
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