Electric Circuits & Magnetism Experiments

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$11.95USD Each


This is an expanded version of our electric circuits kit which includes a pair of bar magnets, iron filings and petri dish magnetic field viewer.

Need more than 1 petri dish/iron filings demonstration? Get our 10 Pack for Classes.

Note: The petri dish support stand parts may vary in color.

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33476-2Iron filings, 2g in plastic bag1
33544Bar magnet, ferrite, 75x18x6.5mm, red/blue: N/S2
43790Bulb holder5
43791Bulb, 2.5V, 0.3A, 10 pack.1
43795AA Battery Holder with wire leads1
43796Double pole switch1
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67287CBond, Minit, green, 210mm1
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