13x100mm Culture Tubes

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Rimless glass test tubes, 13x100mm (1/2x4"), are inexpensive sample packs for product mailings; only $0.20. Tube capacity is ~8mll/0.3fl oz.

New: Even Lower Pricing for Box of 100.

This size is also available in rimmed form:

Optional cork or rubber stoppers are not included but are listed in Related Products below.


These culture tubes hold approximately 8mL. If you need to measure 10mL accurately or some part of that, a 10 mL graduated cylinder is what you need.


  • Borosilicate glass: heat-resistant/autoclavable, food & dishwasher safe
  • 13x100mm tubes are rimless for easy packing/shipping
  • Round bottom, shown standing in image for effect
  • Completely unmarked for decorative use
  • 13mm +/- 0.5mm (~1/2"); 100mm (~4"); +/- 0.5mm
  • Capacity/volume: ~8mL/0.3 fl oz

  • Note: Test tube diameter and length is nominal; there can be a variance of as much as +/- 0.5mm. We cannot guarantee they will fit test tube racks or stoppers we don't supply.
Reviews (4)

I've been happy with the quality of the glass I've gotten from Indigo Instruments and happy with their speedy delivery. This is my second 5-star review.

— Du Bois

Very happy with products and service. Will be back for more assorted sized test tubes.

— Du Bois
Excellent test tubes for micro experiments and making ampoules. Like the fact you can buy a few of each size instead of a full box.
— BT
— Indigo: It's a pain packing onesy twosies but we're happy to do it!
Excellent products !!!
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