100 25x150mm Test Tubes/Corks

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Buy 100 25x150mm (1x6") glass test tube & cork stoppers for only $84.40 and save 50% over buying separately. Heat resistant borosilicate ("Pyrex" TM) glass makes them food and dishwasher safe. Thick rim for use as hanging flower vases. Tube capacity/volume is ~50 ml/1.75 fl. oz.

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  • Borosilicate glass: heat resistant/autoclavable, food & dishwasher safe.
  • 25x150mm tubes have reinforced rims for stoppers
  • 25x150mm tubes have rounded bottoms & require support to stand upright
  • Completely unmarked for decorative use
  • 25mm (~1"); 150mm (~6")
  • Tube capacity/volume is ~50 ml/1.75 fl. oz

  • Note: Test tube diameter is nominal; there can be a variance of as much as +/- 0.5mm. We cannot guarantee they will fit your test tube racks or stoppers.
Reviews (7)
Just as displayed and described. Shipping was also very quick. Would recommend!
— A Greener Place
These test tubes were exactly what I was looking for. I am very happy with my purchase and the quick shipping.
— Indigo: Excellent. Thanks for letting us know.
Great to work with. Easy communication and product arrived within the week. Would highly recommend.
— Emilie
Exactly what I needed! Great quality test tubes and they arrived quickly. Ordered 300 of them, maybe 6-7 tubes were broken upon delivery. Glad I ordered more than I needed for that very reason. Otherwise, very happy with my purchase.
— Kristine
It' great that there is a place that sells this kind of stuff within Canada so the shipping was pretty fast and there was no customs fees. Everything was packaged super carefully and no breakage occurred during transportation. the actual test tubes themselves looked great however they were not all the same size. 27/100 of them were 1-2mm bigger in diameter. The corks looked good but upon close inspection, they were not of the best quality of cork. There were huge holes and slits in some and they seemed really dry. Good quality corks cost about 20cents each and lasts about 7 years on the shelf and low quality corks cost 10cents and only last 1 year. I suspect these are the latter.
— Shelley
Great price, good product, very fast service. Fantastic job.
— Nathan
This product was exactly what I ordered and the service was personal and timely. The test tubes were carefully packaged and all came without any breakage. Carole F.
— 1\" X 6\" test tubes
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