Glass Stirring Rods 200mm

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Heavy duty glass stirring rods 200mm (8") x 6mm (~1/4") thick for mixing. Rods are made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and can even be used in boiling water; dishwasher of course. 

Stir rods help decant supernatants by reducing attraction between the sides of a beaker or flask so that the liquid pours with minimum spillage. A borosilicate glass stirring rod is hard enough to scratch the inside wall of a flask, test tube or beaker & aid in crystallization.


Glass stirring rods can demonstrate the optical property known as index of refraction, i.e. how light bends. The best known example is sunlight or white light dispersed into a rainbow of colors by a triangular prism. This effect can be seen in liquids as well. Place the rod in a beaker holding water & notice the slight change in position from above & below the water. Then try it with oil instead. The index of refractive of oil is the very close to that of the glass & the immersed portion of the rod disappears!

Reviews (2)

Received the single rod I expected, with the measurements as described. Students enjoying this inexpensive tool to learn about refraction.

— M.
— Indigo:

Very interesting. Who but a teacher would have thought strirring rods are a natural complement to prisms?


it's not 6 stir rods at 200mm, it's one at 200mm. other than the wrong description, stir rods are good

— Francisco
— Indigo:

6x200mm describes diameter by length. I suppose we could say 6mm x 200mm but no one has misunderstood up until now.

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