50ml Erlenmeyer/Conical Flask

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Buy a 50ml glass conical  flask for only $2.95 or save 40% by the case. Save even more when you buy the 50ml flask+cork stopper bundle! Indigo Erlenmeyer flasks are made with heat resistant borosilicate glass and are fully autoclaveable for sterilization.

Custom imprinting available with special order; fast turnaround.

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Erlenmeyer flasks are often used for long term storage of liquids & are convenient for pouring. If economy is important, especially for smaller volumes, glass test tubes are an alternative. If you require something more durable & a more rounded profile, florence boiling flasks can be used instead.

~25ml/fluid ounce; ~25mm/inch
Volume (ml) Graduations (ml) Height (mm) Diameter Max (mm) Diameter Neck(mm)
50 10 82±1 51±1 24±1
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