Flask Terrarium-Long Forceps

SKU: 55244RB-Terr

$24.95USD Each


This glass terrarium kit comes with a 1L flat bottom boiling chemistry flask, cork stand, cork stopper & 300mm (12 inch) straight thumb forceps. This indoor gardening mini ecosystem offers a practical botany & horticulture learning experience. Grow succulent cacti or flowering centerpieces with smaller accent plants to show your indoor decor aesthetic sense. A plant terrarium makes a great gift for budding green fingered gardeners or a tasteful wedding decoration.

Terrarium grown house plants get CO2 & H2O for photosynthesis by recycling transpiration & condensation by-products. This closed terrarium should maintain a healthy, humid & well lit environment for your plant(s) growth. You can easily drill small holes into the cork stopper if some air circulation is needed.

You’ll rarely need to use a spray bottle but a drainage layer of small stones, gravel or sand will help limit fungal growth. The layer below should be organic material suitable to nourish your plant. Just add full spectrum sunlight & you’re set. If your terrarium is destined for a scientist’s desktop, you might need to consider shade tolerant plants:-).


Plants, potting soil, small stones & pebbles are not included.

Put together your own terrarium tool kit. We carry a variety of forceps, hemostats & scissors to help you trim & maintain.

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