500ml Florence Boiling Flask

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The 500ml flat bottom florence flask is thick walled and can be used with a hot plate for heating.

Note: Printing available on special request.


A 250ml Florence (boiling) flasks is heavy duty & comes with thicker walls than a similar 500ml Erlenmeyer flask. They are available with cork or rubber stoppers & can be used as decanters or standalone as flower vases or other decorative uses.

For an even more decorative piece of lab glassware, consider the 500ml iodine flask which comes with a built in funnel & glass stopper.

In Kits
There are: ~25ml/fluid ounce; ~25mm/inch; ~25g/ounce
Volume (ml) Height (mm) Neck Height (mm) Diameter Max.(mm) Diameter Neck.(mm) Weight (g)
500 170±2 78 105±1.5 34±1.5 200±20
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The boiling flask is nice, solid and well finished.
— Aymeric
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