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Lot of 50 $183.00 $3.66 /Unit
Lot of 75 $193.00 $2.57 /Unit
Lot of 100 $206.00 $2.06 /Unit
Lot of 150 $229.00 $1.53 /Unit
Lot of 200 $255.00 $1.28 /Unit
Lot of 250 $281.00 $1.12 /Unit
Lot of 300 $307.00 $1.02 /Unit
Lot of 400 $359.00 $0.90 /Unit
Lot of 500 $411.00 $0.82 /Unit
Lot of 750 $541.00 $0.72 /Unit
Lot of 1000 $660.00 $0.66 /Unit
Lot of 1500 $960.00 $0.64 /Unit
Lot of 2000 $1,220.00 $0.61 /Unit
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The prices shown are for 2 color screen printing only. There is a minimum of 50 print impressions but you can choose to buy fewer items to imprint.

Items that can be screen printed in 2 colors include linen testers, geology loupes, card magnifiers, prisms, beakers, boiling flasks and Erlenmeyer flasks. You can see examples of each on their respective pages.


Click here to see the palette of stock colors available at no charge. There is a separate charge for each Pantone color match.

  • No charge for setup or digital proof. Vector art is required.
  • Send your vector or pdf art file as an e-mail attachment to:
  • Cost of product is not included in the cost of printing. Add both to the shopping cart.
  • The quantity of a product cannot exceed the number of print impressions.
  • Turnaround time is typically 2-3 weeks.


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