Indigo Big Bang Theory DNA Model

The original Indigo® DNA double helix molecular model that the Big Bang Theory model was made from was designed in 2000 consists of 17 base pairs & stands about 1 metre (3 feet tall). The first one was sold to Bell Labs in New Jersey with over 400 since going to museums, universities, hospitals, corporations, TED lectures & lawyers around the world.

The production people at the Big Bang Theory studio ordered 2 of these models at the end of season 1 & connected them to form one big model, 34 base pairs high or 6' (~2m). The model has been featured prominently albeit in the background since season 2.

The model on the TV set is starting to show its age having been knocked about with parts now missing & others incorrectly reattached. Because of this, we built our own version so you could see what the original looked like & photographed it as a stereo pair. If you focus on the two images & cross your eyes, a third image in stereo or "3D" should appear in the middle. The image is deliberately a little bit fuzzy to vex the copycats but you can tell ours is the real thing by the correct size ratio of the major & minor grooves.

You can now buy (as of 2017.11.15) a new & improved version of the Indigo® Big Bang Theory DNA model shown below. It has 36 pairs which code for 12 amino acids.

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big bang theory dna model