Professional Biologist Dissecting Tool Kit

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The professional biologist's dissecting kit has fine tools for anatomy, botany, veterinary studies or zoology from hemostats to fine scissors and tweezers; only $49.95. Multiple scissors and tweezers to choose from whether you are a professor or lab demonstrator.


You can do ultrafine work on small organisms such as crayfish, insects, reptiles or mammals. The attractive carrying case is heavy duty vinyl that feels like leather & comes with an elastic retaining band with individually sewn slots so fine forceps & scissors can't fall out & be damaged.

These 100% medical grade stainless steel with a satin finish, not easily removed shiny chrome plate. Our tools can be repeatedly sterilized both chemically or by autoclave. Even the 10 scalpel blades are stainless steel (not carbon steel) & are made in Sheffield, England. We sell these tools only in this complete set & not individually to keep the cost down; if bought separately, the set would list at over $90.00.

22150Professional Dissecting Kit Case1
22209Scissors, iris, 115mm (4.5"), Maxima stainless, straight1
22224Scissors, microdissecting, 115mm, Maxima, stainless, curved1
22266Scissors, operating, 150mm, Maxima, stainless, sharp/blunt1
22346Scalpel handle, #4, 150mm (6"), Maxima, stainless1
22351-24EScalpel blade (stainless, 1 #24 for use w/ #4 handle10
22419Forceps, splinter, 115mm, straight, Maxima, stainless1
22421Forceps, splinter, 115mm, curved, Maxima, stainless1
22427Forceps, insect pinning, 125mm (5"), Maxima, stainless1
22456Forceps, thumb dressing, 135mm, Maxima, stainless1
22462Forceps, tissue, 2x3 teeth, 150mm, Maxima, stainless1
22467Forceps, Halstead Mosquito, str., 125mm, Maxima, stainless1
22495Forceps, watchmaker, straight, #5, 125mm, Maxima, stainless1
22533Mall probe, 150mm (6"), Maxima, stainless1
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