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Molecular Model Kits, Sets, Parts

Taking organic chemistry or organic & inorganic chemistry? Our basic student molecular model set does both for $15.95 & includes molecular orbitals! It's backed by our 3D Molecular Model Builder. A computer program custom designed to Choose The Best Organic Chemistry Models For You.

Need to customize or revitalize any set or kit? We carry the full range of genuine high quality UK made Molymod Parts (Spiring), Orbit Parts (Cochranes). They are 100% compatible with all the models we've ever sold.

Teaching DNA forensics? Buy a basic miniDNA for only $69.95 Or, take it up a notch with hands-on experiments using our best teaching DNA model with 262144 possible unique sequences. Not enough? How about 18 quadrillion?

Need BIG plastic models? Chemistry students will appreciate our giant cyclohexane & 1000 atom diamond crystal structure model. Turn a basic fullerene model kit into chiral, zig-zag & armchair buckytubes or graphene sheets.

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Molecular Models by Brand, Size, Function

Molecular models are arranged by brand: Molymod, Orbit, Unit and Minit which differ by atom style & size. Brands are further divided into sets, kits & parts.

Sets build a wide variety of chemical structures in general chemistry & organic chemistry, etc. Kits have a narrower range of atom geometries & are intended for specific structures such as ice, diamond, NaCl or glucose. Parts include atoms, bonds & orbitals to extend or replenish any set or kit.

Indigo® models are further grouped by function into DNA, VSEPR Theory (molecular geometry) and Point Groups (molecular symmetry) with some overlap with the brand groupings. In addition, we offer Unit (big atoms), Minit (small atoms) & AtoMag (magnetic) organic molecule models.
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