Halbach Magnet Generator

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You can used this strong neodymium 25x10x5mm block magnet in a Halbach Generator. See below for more information.

A Halbach array uses the placement of permanent (usually neodymium) magnets to customize the shape of a magnetic field. It does so by strengthening it on one side while weakening it on the other. The simplest analogy would be to alternate the position of horseshoe magnets so that similar poles touch.

Need hardware for your Halbach device? Contact us about our Custom Machined Magnet Assemblies.


Go to Thingaverse for more information on how to 3D print this generator. The page indicates it was made with a 15x5x5mm magnet which we don't have. However, the designers at Akinora told us this larger block magnet will work very well. Smaller ones such as the 10x5x5mm & 12.5x5x5mm will also work.

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Field Strength (Gauss) & Pull Force in Pounds & Kilograms at 5 Distances Above Magnet
SKU: 44259-5      Size:  25 x 10 x 5mm
Distance (mm): 0 0.1 1 10 100
Gauss 3590.7 3546.4 3121.2 642.4 2.4
Lb 14.90 14.53 11.26 0.48 0.00
Kg 6.77 6.61 5.12 0.22 0.00
  • N42 grade: ~13,000 gauss (1.3T)
  • nickel-copper-nickel coated
  • size tolerance for dimensions <10mm: +/- 0.05mm
  • size tolerance for dimensions >10mm: +/- 0.1mm
  • size tolerance for dimensions >50mm: +/- 0.2mm
  • magnet strength variance piece to piece: <8%
  • 80C maximum operating temperature
  • axis of magnetization is perpendicular to page

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