Microwave Powder, 2.45GHz Peak

SKU: 49-PFX-245

$17.95USD Each


Polyflex is a fully sintered compoundable ferrite powder designed for maximum heat absorption at 2.45GHz microwave oven RF frequencies; only $17.95 for 25g sample, volume discounts.



  • Extreme wide temperature range.
  • Tuned to microwave oven frequencies (2.45GHz)
  • Mixes with elastomers, epoxy, paint & other coating materials.
  • Can be sprayed, injected, molded or spread
  • Finished material can be machined, diced, die cut
  • Fully compoundable-make into any shape and size.


A 1mm thick layer of this material mixed with epoxy can attenuate a signal by over 8db at 2.45GHz. Thicker layers or stacked layers can reduce the signal even further. Click on the Specifications tab for a detailed, downloadable pdf file full details.


Download this data sheet on Polyflex fully compoundable sintered ferrite powder for microwave oven RF.

The image below shows a 1mm thick plate made with Polyflex ferrite powder. The plate is roughly 25x40mm in size & is 80% ferrite powder by weight.

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