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SEM-TEM Images

This collection of 99 high resolution TEM/SEM electron microscope images of cell division, herpes, HIV & adeno-virus, clostridium, giardia, chomosomes, mitochondria, taste buds, blood, cardiac muscle, skin, & more.

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Electron Microscopy Photo CD


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CD Image # Description CD Image # Description
EM1  Simple cell-lymphocyte EM2  Basophil granulocyte
EM3  Eosinophil granulocyte EM4  Rough ER
EM5  Smooth ER EM6  Mitochondria/polyribosomes
EM7  ER: mitochondria EM8  Ribosomes in translation
EM9  Mitochondria/lysosomes EM10  Lysosomes/mitochrondia
EM11  Phagocytosis EM12  Nuclear Envelope
EM13  Inner surface N. E. EM14  Nuclear pores
EM15  Centriole pair EM16  ER: nuclear envelope
EM17  Metaphase EM18  Anaphase
EM19  Chromosomes-spindles EM20  Cytokinesis (SEM)
EM21  Cytokinesis (SEM) EM22  Human Group karyotype
EM23  Human Group karyotype EM24  Human XY chromosome
EM25  Giant gene polytene EM26  Giant gene lampbrush
EM27  Giant gene lampbrush (HP) EM28  m-RNA on Balbiani ring
EM29  Whole macrophage EM30  Lymphocytes & RBCs
EM31  Developing erythroblasts EM32  White BC w/ RBCs (SEM)
EM33  Vein w/ RBC in lumen EM34  Arteriole
EM35  Small intestine surface (SME) EM36  TS small intestine microvilli
EM37  Skeletal muscle fibres EM38  Cardiac muscle
EM39  TS skin surface EM40  TS skin surface (SEM)
EM41  Skin surface (SEM) EM42  Skin surface (SEM) hair
EM43  TS nerve w/ myelination EM44  TS nerve w/ myelination (HP)
EM45  SEM tongue/taste buds EM46  SEM tongue/taste buds (HP)
EM47  Ciliated epithelium of nose EM48  TS cilia
EM49  E. coli: peritrichous fimbriae EM50  Bacterial division-G+ coccus
EM51  Campylobacter jejuni EM52  Campylobacter jejuni
EM53  C. jejuni, rectal biopsy EM54  Helicobacter pylori/
EM55  Spirillum mancunieuse EM56  Spirochaetes
EM57  Clostridium difficile EM58  Clostridium difficile
EM59  Adeno virus neg. stain EM60  Adeno virus
EM61  Adenovirus EM62  Pox virus Moluscum contagiosum
EM63  Benign skin tumor neg. stain EM64  Benign skin tumor neg. stain
EM65  ORF virus EM66  Papova-wart virus
EM67  Flu-Orthomyxoviradae virus EM68  Para-flu paramyxo virus
EM69  Herpes-cold sores EM70  Rota virus
EM71  Astro virus EM72  SRSV (sm. rnd. struc. virus)
EM73  HIV-from human lymphocytes EM74  Pneumocystis carcini
EM75  Pneumocystis carcini EM76  Cryptyosporidium
EM77  Cryptyosporidium-intestinal biopsy EM80  Oocytes-fluorescence microscopy
EM79  Oocytes-fluorescence microscopy EM80  Giardia sp.
EM81  Giardia sp. EM82  Trichomonas
EM83  Chloroplasts, mitochondria, starch granules EM84  Plant cell wall, chloroplasts
EM85  Stoma-SEM EM86  Tobacco mosaic virus
EM87  Tobacco mosaic virus EM88  Pollen-Primula
EM89  Pollen-Primula EM90  Pollen-Primula
EM91  Pollen-Mallow EM92  Pollen-dandelion, composite
EM93  Fungus hypha LS EM94  Fungus hypha TS
EM95  Head louse EM96  Head of flea (cat)

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Blood SEM, Blood-Vein, Centipede Head, Chromosomes, Cytokinesis, E. coli, Head Louse, Nuclear Pore, Skin, Taste Bud, Tongue Surface, XY Chromosome,

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