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Multipurpose Urine Test Strips

These urine test strips are ideal for for science experiments such as before and after exercise, eating or fasting. They measure ketones, glucose and protein as well as pH. Only $29.95 for 50 strips.

Note: If you plan to use this for applications other than science experiments, do not self-diagnose. Consult a medical doctor for any result that could indicate a serious health issue.

We offer two other glucose testing strips. One is for measuing potato glucose and the other studying glucose osmosis.

SKU: 33814-MUT
Indigo Multi Purpose Urine Test strip, 50/pack

$29.95USD or lower Each

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Test yourself before and after running, weightlifting, fasting, carb loading and more. Compare your results to other athletes & see if what differences there are.

Coaches, this could be an important tool for monitoring the health of your athletes during training season; especially for outdoor sports in hot climates.

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