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Orbit Basic VSEPR Model Set

This basic student VSEPR theory model set comes with atoms and orbitals to build the 6 basic VSEPR geometries; from $5.95.

SKU: 68820W
Indigo Basic VSEPR Theory Model Set

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 Build the 6 basic VSEPR molecule shapes with this economical set.

  • Linear - MgCl2
  • Bent - SO2
  • Trigonal Planar - BF3
  • Tetrahedral - CH4
  • Trigonal bipyramidal - PF5
  • Octahedral - SF6

68216CAtom, Orbit, H, white, 1 prong4
68218CAtom, Orbit, O, red, 1 prong2
68221CAtom, Orbit, Cl, green, 1 prong14
68219CAtom, Orbit, F, light green, 1 prong2
68225CAtom, Orbit, C, 180 degree, black1
68228CAtom, Orbit, S, 100 degree, yellow1
68241CAtom, Orbit, C, planar: 120-120-120, black1
68244CAtom, Orbit, C, tetrahedral, black1
68255CAtom, Orbit, S, octahedral, yellow 1
68262CAtom, Orbit, P, trigonal bipyramidal, purple1
68186-20Wobbly bond, 20mm, each22

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