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This 120 carbon atom graphite structure model kit can build a 4 layer structure representative of pencil "lead" in either ABAB or ABCA configurations; only $36.95. Our flexible Indigo "Wobbly™" bonds will allow you to shift these layers similar to real graphite. They are also very durable and reusable so you can build one configuration & then partially disassemble/reassemble to show the other.

You can also build this kit as a single layer graphene sheet which has interesting electrical properties & compare it to a different material called Molydenum Sulfide (MoS2). There is also a glow in the dark graphene model with parts that are compatible with this graphite model kit.


The interlayer bonds are flexible to allow the layers to move showing the weak van der Waals attraction which is a basic property of graphite. 


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