Coordination Chemistry

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This complex ions teacher's molecular model set includes water, ammonia, cyanide, ethylene diamine ligands & many other inorganic structures, only $75.95

 Note: This set does not come in a box. It is a one-time build that you keep assembled and comes supplied in a bag.


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The complex ions molecular model teacher's set includes ammonia, cyanide & ethylene diamine ligands for building compounds such as hexa-quo-metal ion, hexa-cyano-metal ion, tetra-amine-metal ion, and ethylene diamine tetracetate metal ion.

This set can be complemented with extra Molymod Molecular Model Atoms and Bonds. Click here to view the entire line of student & teacher Molymod Molecular Model Sets from Indigo Instruments

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This product is great for targeting student understanding of solid crystalline structures! As a recommendation, by building the models in advance, it will give students more time to explore each model structure. Since the kits do not have a lab, I'm creating a lab that will provide my students with engaging more with the models instead of building it to focus on the major learning targets.

— karen
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