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Coordination Chemistry Compounds

This complex ions teacher's molecular model set includes water, ammonia, cyanide, ethylene diamine ligands & many other inorganic structures, only $59.00



What is a Complex Ion? 

A Complex ion (or coordination compound) is a metal complex where a central metal ion is bonded to multiple ions or ligands that surround the metal center. The geometries can be simple or ‘complex’ around the metal center. Complex ions Include some catalysts and organometallics.

The Indigo Instruments 62006 is designed for advanced inorganic chemistry studies for constructing coordination compounds.  Instructors can use this set to illustrate the naming of transition metal & coordination complexes, chelating ligands and the concept of Lewis acids & bases.

SKU: 62006
Molymod complex ions teacher's molecular model set


Quantity :

The complex ions molecular model teacher's set includes ammonia, cyanide & ethylene diamine ligands for building compounds such as hexa-quo-metal ion, hexa-cyano-metal ion, tetra-amine-metal ion, and ethylene diamine tetracetate metal ion.

This set can be complemented with extra Molymod Molecular Model Atoms and Bonds. Click here to view the entire line of student & teacher Molymod Molecular Model Sets from Indigo Instruments

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60111EAtom, Molymod, green (halogen), 1 hole, 17mm6
60121EAtom, Molymod, red (oxygen), 1 hole, 23mm4
60122EAtom, Molymod, blue (nitrogen), 1 hole, 23mm6
60150EAtom, Molymod, white (hydrogen), hemisphere, 19mm84
60200EAtom, Molymod, red (oxygen), 2 hole, 105 degrees4
60220EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 2 hole, 180 degrees, 23mm6
60310EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 3 hole, 120 degrees, 23mm4
60400EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 4 hole, 109.5 degrees, 23mm18
60401EAtom, Molymod, blue (nitrogen), 4 hole, 109.5 deg., 23mm18
60402EAtom, Molymod, red (oxygen), 4 hole, 109.5 deg., 23mm6
60615EAtom, Molymod, beige, 6 hole, octahedral, 23mm7
61015EBond, Molymod, opaque, 2mm (for spacefilling models)176

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