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Coordination Chemistry Compounds

This complex ions teacher's molecular model set includes water, ammonia, cyanide, ethylene diamine ligands & many other inorganic structures, only $59.00



SKU: 62006
Molymod complex ions teacher's molecular model set


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The complex ions molecular model teacher's set includes ammonia, cyanide & ethylene diamine ligands for building compounds such as hexa-quo-metal ion, hexa-cyano-metal ion, tetra-amine-metal ion, and ethylene diamine tetracetate metal ion.

This set can be complemented with extra Molymod Molecular Model Atoms and Bonds. Click here to view the entire line of student & teacher Molymod Molecular Model Sets from Indigo Instruments

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60111EAtom, Molymod, green (halogen), 1 hole, 17mm6
60121EAtom, Molymod, red (oxygen), 1 hole, 23mm4
60122EAtom, Molymod, blue (nitrogen), 1 hole, 23mm6
60150EAtom, Molymod, white (hydrogen), hemisphere, 19mm84
60200EAtom, Molymod, red (oxygen), 2 hole, 105 degrees4
60220EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 2 hole, 180 degrees, 23mm6
60310EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 3 hole, 120 degrees, 23mm4
60400EAtom, Molymod, black (carbon), 4 hole, 109.5 degrees, 23mm18
60401EAtom, Molymod, blue (nitrogen), 4 hole, 109.5 deg., 23mm18
60402EAtom, Molymod, red (oxygen), 4 hole, 109.5 deg., 23mm6
60615EAtom, Molymod, beige, 6 hole, octahedral, 23mm7
61015EBond, Molymod, opaque, 2mm (for spacefilling models)176

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