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This molecular model can represent peroskite, strontium titanate or lanthanum aluminate; all of which have unusal properties in electrical insulation or conductivity. 

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The insert shows 12 coordinate metal atoms, unique to the Minit & Orbit style molecular models. These atoms consist of a 6 prong central disc & 2 3 prong pieces that plug in. For simplicity, we only include enough bonds to anchor this atom in 2 locations. You can insert the 3 prong pieces later to properly denote a metal atom.

Also, the actual bond length is closer to 23mm so we in fact supply a single length of 200mm which you can cut to your liking.

67329CAtom, Minit, Octahedral, Black27
67331CAtom, Minit, O l', octahedral, red54
67342CAtom, Minit, metal, 12 coordinate, grey12
67181-15Minit bonds 15mm, Wobbly-GlowBond™126
67181-25Minit bonds 25mm, Wobbly-GlowBond™16
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