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Buckyball Mobile Glow-in-the-Dark

This model kit includes enough parts to build 3 glow in the dark buckyballs along with attachments to create a mobile. Each sphere is 100mm (4") in diameter; all you need to add is thread to hang it from a lamp or chandelier.

Note: this image was taken after 10 second illumination with 2x250W halogen lamps & then a 30 second exposure with a digital camera.

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SKU: 67608W
Minit Buckyballs (3) Mobile Kit w/ GlowBonds™


Quantity :

The glow in the dark effect is dependent on several factors. The stronger & closer the light source is, the faster the specially treated bonds will absorb the light energy needed to create the phosphorescence effect.

The perception of brightness is dependent on how dark adapted your eyes are. In general, you should be able to see the glowing effect for at least 10 minutes when in a completely dark room.



67307CAtom, Minit, O, 110 degree, red3
67318CAtom, Minit, C, trigonal: 120-120-120, black180
67336CAtom, Minit, C, trigonal bipyramidal black4
67181-15Minit bonds 15mm, Wobbly-GlowBond™274
67196CMinit 100mm Green Bond3

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