Carbon Allotropes-5 Models

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$59.95USD Each


This carbon allotrope kit has 5 models: a nanotube & buckyball, 3 layer graphite, diamond & body centered tetragonal.


The nanotube & buckyball are essentially 2 versions of the same thing but they can be combined to make a longer tube or a single large graphene sheet or nanoribbon.

Instructions on how to build these structures can be found under each of the individual respective models.

67318CAtom, Minit, C, trigonal: 120-120-120, black210
67321CAtom, Minit, C, tetrahedral, black135
67180-15Minit bonds 15mm, clear vinyl656
67181-35Minit bonds 35mm, Wobbly-GlowBond™12
67336CAtom, Minit, C, trigonal bipyramidal black53
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