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Nanotube Stand Instructions

This image is for the third step in assembling the carbon nanotube FET display model.

Note: The red bonds shown in the supports are supplied in 210mm lengths that need to be cut.

Click on the Details Tab below to see assembly instructions.

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Step 3: This image shows the support frames with the one in the foreground correctly positioned so that the 4 grey atoms will fit inside 4 of the trigonal carbon atoms. The other lengths were done as even numbers for simplicity. If you measure very carefully you can fit the red support structure more tightly.

The 210mm red bonds have been cut as follows:

  1. 4 x 20mm
  2. 16 x 30mm
  3. 8 x 40mm
  4. 16 x 50mm
  5. 4 x 100mm

You only need 2080mm of red bonds with design as shown but it can be done with ~2000mm; 2400mm has been provided in case of mistakes.  

Click here to see the Minit standalone single wall carbon nanotube models which include enough parts to build the chiral, zig-zag & chair configurations.

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