3D Printed Kinetic Charger

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This 25x5x2.5mm neodymium block magnet can be used in a Halbach Array based Kinetic Charger that can power cellphones, tablets and more while on the move anywhere.

Check out this interesting design by the people at Akinora or explore their design in detail at Thingverse.


Titanium tweezers can be used to handle small block magnets & position them easily. The Mark I Magnaprobe is ultra sensitive & can be used to check stray magnetic fields. The Mark II Magnaprobe is a fast & convenient way to confirm magnet are positioned with their poles pointing correctly.

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Field Strength (Gauss) & Pull Force in Pounds & Kilograms at 5 Distances Above Magnet
SKU: 44257-2.5      Size:  25 x 5 x 2.5mm
Distance (mm): 0 0.1 1 10 100
Gauss 3380.8 3294.9 2472.1 216.0 0.6
Lb 4.46 4.24 2.38 0.02 0.00
Kg 2.03 1.93 1.08 0.01 0.00
  • N42 grade: ~13,000 gauss (1.3T)
  • nickel-copper-nickel coated
  • size tolerance for dimensions <10mm: +/- 0.05mm
  • size tolerance for dimensions >10mm: +/- 0.1mm
  • size tolerance for dimensions >50mm: +/- 0.2mm
  • magnet strength variance piece to piece: <8%
  • 80C maximum operating temperature
  • axis of magnetization is perpendicular to page

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