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Magnaprobe Electromagnetic Field Detector

The Magnaprobe Mark I is a highly sensitive magnetic detector can be used to as an analog test device for different types of sensors. 

SKU: 44701
Magnaprobe, Mark I sensitive electro-magnetic field detector

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 In this image, the Magnaprobe Mk I is seen responding to a magnet that has been placed horizontally or directly in front of it. In the top part of the image, the 5x2.5mm Nd disc magnet is 150mm away & has no effect on the Magnaprobe which is responding only to the Earth's magnetic field.

In the middle part of the picture, you can see the magnet is placed approximately 100mm away & this has pull the Magnaprobe magnet around by roughly 30 degrees; in response to the disc magnet field which is about 0.2 Gauss. The lower portion of the picture is a view of this from the top.

Note: Avoid contacting other magnets. If you do so by accident, detach the Magnaprobe by holding its magnet. Do not simply pull back with the handle as you will ruin the device.

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5 Stars 2018-01-30

I have bought several of these over the years, originally from the British company that makes them, and more recently from this company. I have trouble keeping them because everyone seems to want one. They are indispensable for showing the angle of the magnetic field in three dimensions. It is like a 3 dimensional compass, and very sensitive too. It will even show the vertical angle of the Earth's magnetic field! If your business is magnets, you need one of these.

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