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50 Rubber Stoppers/38x200mm Tubes

Buy 50 38x200mm (1.5x8") of our biggest glass test tubes & rubber stoppers for only $151.00 and save 50% over buying separately. Heat resistant borosilicate ("Pyrex" TM) glass makes them food and dishwasher safe. Plain and unprinted for use in displays or packaging just to hold lots of stuff.

SKU: 55912R-RS50
Test Tube (38x200mm) + Rubber Stopper Combo, 50 Each

Quantity :

Current Reviews: 1

55912RTest tubes, glass, 38x200mm (1.5x8 inch), 175ml (7oz) rim50
33728Rubber stopper, #8, ~H:29 x T:41 x B:33mm, solid50

5 Stars 2017-09-28

-Darksunshine Skullz
When comparing prices, I had to choose between China and Canadian. I choose to support Canadian company, Indigo Instruments. I placed my order and was delivered within 2 days! The quality and price is perfect for my project!! Quality product and service was fantastic. Thank you and if my product launch is successful, I will be ordering again!

Great news, thanks.

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