Legal Implications

Who’s to blame when a machine botches your surgery?

When the mistake is made by a machine or an algorithm instead of a human, who is to blame?  In today’s society, we are becoming less and less dependent on things like doctors, or even surgeons, with the implementation of AI. One of the great promises of artificial intelligence is to drastically reduce the number of mistakes made in the world of health care. Creating AI that can replicate what a human surgeon can do, however, may be a very difficult task. Defining both ethical and legal responsibility in the world of medical care is vital for building patients’ trust in the profession and its standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Medical mistakes, whether from negligence or a honest mistake, is the third biggest killer in the US.
  • AI technology that seeks to reduce mistakes in health care is already approaching the success rates of the best specialists.
  • Although AI has a high success rate, being machines they could still fail sometimes. When this happens who is to blame?

“Researchers at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, for instance, claim to have developed an AI system capable of outperforming cardiologists in identifying heart-attack risk by examining chest scans.”

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