The science of thunderstorms – thunder, lightning, and chemical reactions

Thunderstorms are a bit more unique than people tend to realize. When a thunderstorm happens, there are so many different forces in the world that are working at one point at a time. The thunder comes with the lightning and the world can see and feel both. There are some chemical reactions too as a result of it. Some thunderstorms can be absolutely devastating and there have been a few that have been recorded in the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientific understanding of how lightning develops is still developing but there is a rough idea of the process.
  • Collisions between ice crystals and graupels result in charge differences between the two layers as one moves upwards and the other downwards.
  • Lightning occurs when a stream of electrons are produced due to the charge differences encountered in the clouds.

“How does lightning happen, what gives it its blue-violet tinge, and what does it have to do with plant growth?”

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