The outrageous plan to haul icebergs to Africa

A growing issue around the world is the shortage of fresh water. However, experts have come up with a plan that includes towing large icebergs from Antarctica to areas in need of the water. The amount of fresh water that would result from a melting iceberg is more than what the world consumes of freshwater. These proposals have been present for many years but never acted upon. Many places in Africa are considering the possibilities of this idea and how difficult it could be getting an iceberg to where it is needed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experts are seriously considering harvesting Antarctic icebergs and hauling them to Cape Town.
  • This untapped flow of water has enticed scientists and entrepreneurs for over a century.

“As South Africa faces ever more severe water shortages, some experts are seriously considering a proposal to harvest Antarctic icebergs and haul them to Cape Town.”

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