Chicken without Antibiotic

The Future of Chicken, Without Antibiotics

Poultry farming in 2018 is not that easy. Lately, with evidence linking antibiotics on animal farms to drug resistance in humans, poultry producers & restaurant chains are pledging to limit antibiotics in their chicken. It’s easy to pledge, but harder to do. The shift has farmers scrambling to break their reliance on antibiotics and find new ways to help their birds grow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientists have recently found that an enzyme that helps clear dead cells in chickens’ guts
  • Elimination of antibiotics has also forced a bigger-picture rethinking of how to raise chickens.
  • Feeding probiotics, essential oils, and fungal enzymes will become the norm.

“For decades, farmers have used low doses of human antibiotics to fatten their chickens. In the future, if one company has its way, farmers will use a fungal extract originally found in a Japanese pigsty.”

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