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Science Promotional Items: Useful & Attractive

Need to promote your science tech or education brand? Pens, coffee mugs & T-shirts are too yesterday? We’ve custom imprinted lab glassware, magnifiers, biology tool cases, test tube racks, even Petri dishes! Choose the imprint method that works for you.

Silk Screening

Silk screen is the most popular method we offer for custom imprinting. Single colors, typically white or black are the most common but we can do multicolor logos on a variety of magnifiers. Two colors and occasionally more can be done on beakers and flasks but there are limitations. Send us your logo so we can advise you.

Silk Screen Printing
Silk screen printed logos on magnifiers, beakers and tool cases. Not shown are Erlenmeyer and boiling flasks and glass prisms.

Full Color Decals (Stickers)

Decals, or more correctly, stickers, are a cost effective way to do full color logos. They are also best for recessed areas as seen in the test tube rack and minimagnifier shown below. Contrary to popular belief, they are as difficult to remove as print is since the high tack glue grips more the longer it stays on.

Full Color Decals
Decals (stickers) are an inexpensive way to add full color logos to a wide variety of products including test tube racks, plastic linen testers, mini-magnifiers and petri dishes. Not shown are ruler magnifiers, plastic geology loupes and card magnifiers.

Full Color Printing

Certain items such as science glassware require special handling for multiple colors and/or fine detail. The 2 large flasks shown below were done with high definition pad printing which is can be expensive and not recommended for smaller than 1L sizes. The credit card magnifiers were done with a digital press and is best done in large volume.

Full Color Logos
Full color printing is the most expensive method but offers incomparable results.  Not shown are boiling flasks and a variety of other magnifiers.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is by its nature, monochromatic but has the advantage of being able to print your brand in nooks & crannies that regular print methods cannot reach such as the hand magnifier bottom upper right.

The 25mm (1″) metal linen tester  shows the result of a fiber optic laser which is capable of delivering very high resolution etching.

Laser Etching
Laser etching allows curved surfaces like magnifying lenses to be imprinted. The very fine details in the space shuttle are high definition quality.

 Send Us Your Logos

Science-based promotional products have cachet.  Our customers include breweries, distilleries, government agencies and boutiques, to name just a few.  Science products with custom branding make a bold statement that stands out from the competition. Contact us and we can help you stand out too.

Not sure if we can do it? Send us your logos and what you want to print on. We can advise you within 24 hours M-F. JPEGS and other low resolution files are fine for evaluation but we do need vector art for the work itself.

Assorted Science Products with Promotional Branding
Article Name
Assorted Science Products with Promotional Branding
Your school or high tech business might want something a bit different from the usual pens, coffee mugs and T-shirts to promote your brand but what? Consider lab glassware, magnifiers, test tubes racks; something that says science and is useful too.
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