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Magnifying Glass for Reading? What do I Need?

At some time in our lives most of us are faced with print that is too small to read. A frequent question we get asked is “how strong a magnifying glass do I need” to read a book, newspaper, pill bottle, contract or map?  For most people, a simple & inexpensive hand held magnifying glass is all you need.

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What Can’t I Read?

You can’t read the finest print on a contract but can at least tell there are words in the first eye chart paragraph below? Then it’s most likely the weakest & cheapest magnifier you can buy will be enough.

If you struggle to read the largest print in the bottom paragraph of the chart below, you’ll need a stronger magnifier but most likely not as strong as you think.

Reading Glass Eye Chart
This is a typical eye chart your optometrist will show you for reading needs. If you can read the top paragraph you need little if any help. If you can only read the bottom one, read the recommendations in the next paragraph.

So What Magnification Do I Need?

The macula is the part of your retina with the highest density of cone cells in & is what you  use for  reading . Your peripheral vision is in the part of your retina outside the macula and  uses rod cells for detecting motion, like a baseball that’s about to hit you.

Think of magnification in terms of how much area your macula is using to see something. A 2X magnifier expands a word so that it uses twice the area, i.e.  twice as many cone cells. This might not seem like much but it should make most or all of the paragraphs above comfortably readable.

Or course, we all have trouble with very fine print and for that, we recommend a stronger  magnifying glass such as the 50mm (2″) that goes up to 3.5X. This is the smallest of the 3 magnifiers in the picture below.

Hand Magnifiers for Reading
Three sizes of hand magnifier are shown, 2, 3 & 4″ (50, 75, 100 mm) that range from 2X for the largest lens to 3.5X for the smallest. These are all you should need to read a book, map, pill bottle or contract. If they don’t, time to see your optometrist.

The largest (4″/100mm) magnifier in the picture above magnifies the least but it means you can scan a larger area like a map & see more adjacent streets without moving the magnifier. The smallest hand magnifier (2″ 50mm) should be enough for fine print in contracts or pill bottle instructions. Click here to get our 3  piece reading magnifying glass combination pack and lint free lens paper as shown above.

If you have some form of eye disease like macular degeneration, we put together a cost effective 2 magnifier combo for this.

Buying for Kids or Seniors?

We also offer a 3 piece reading magnifier package similar to the one above but with plastic frames and handles. These are lighter and for the elderly relative or  curious child.

What Magnification Do I Really Need for Reading?
Article Name
What Magnification Do I Really Need for Reading?
Reading is a pleasure most of us take for granted but as we get older, it seems the print keeps on getting smaller. However, unless you have a serious vision problem, this can be remedied with a very simple hand magnifier, sometimes with as little as 2X magnification.
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