Best Magnifying Glass for Macular Degeneration?

The macula is the small part of the retina that allows you to see fine details in color. Macular degeneration causes a blank spot in the middle of your visual field.  As the condition worsens, you lose your ability to read or see faces.  There is no cure for this affliction but there is hope for one in the future.

Is Reading With Macular
Degeneration Possible?

In some case, you can make the letters in a word bigger than the missing central field of view.  While there is no “best magnifying glass”, the one below costs less than $5.00. It has  3 lenses. each of which magnifies 5 times. If you line up 2 of them, you get 10X magnification and with 3 you get 15X. The higher power, the closer you have to hold the magnifier over the words & to your eye. With any luck and practice, you can read, slowly, one letter at a time.

Magnifying Glass for Macular Degeneration
This triple lens folding magnifier has 3 30mm (1.25` lenses) which provide 5X, 10X or 15X magnification. This may make letters large enough to read.

A 10X Magnifying Glass

Another potential companion magnifier is shown below. It is limited to 10X magnification but is larger at 2`(50mm).  Its main advantage simply is its larger field of view. In spite of its size, it is relatively light weight & can compactly to fit into pocket or purse.

50mm-2` Folding 10X Magnifier
This large 50mm (2`) folding magnifier can do 10X magnification and is another relatively inexpensive choice (less than $10.00).

There are even higher power magnifiers including 20X & 30X that are normally used for looking at fine details of coins, paint surfaces, etc. but they can be difficult to operate.


Article Name
Magnifying Glasses for Macular Degeneration
Low power hand magnifiers aren't strong enough for reading if you have macular degeneration. However, low lost magnifying glasses with slightly higher power may be sufficient.
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