Lab Support Stands
Not Just for Science Labs

Whether it’s an old horror movie like Frankenstein or a modern crime drama with a lab segment, you’ve no doubt seen both beakers & flasks with lab support stands in a supporting role.

This basic chemistry lab equipment is actually quite versatile & can be put to many uses around the home or non-science business applications.

Lab Support Stands:
Indoor/Outdoor Gardening

The two images below illustrate the convenience of lab support/ring stands for indoor or outdoor gardening. You can use them to stack planters vertically to fit a window sill. Or use them to hold herbs & move them from indoors to outdoors in early spring to avoid cold spells.

3 Tier Plant Lab Support Stand
This image features our large support  stand with a 6×9″ (225x150mm) base. Vertical rods are available in 10″ (250mm) lengths to extend height as needed.
5 Piece Herb Garden
This image shows a lab support stand with 5 support rings attached at different angles. The whole assembly can be brought indoors during night time.

Lab Support Stands for Display

Of course lab stands can be used also in science themed displays. The image below shows standard lab beakers but flasks & test tubes can also be used with different types & sizes.

Small Lab Support Stand with Rings and Beakers
A version of this was used in a local hospital as part of a fundraising event. Beakers were used to hold liquids, molecular models, thermometers, etc. as part of a science theme.

Lab Support Stands for Hobbies & Photography

Sometimes two hands aren’t enough. You can combine stands, rods and clamp holders anyway you need with fully adjustable heights and angles.

You can even use them to hang objects at different heights in the foreground and background for photography.

A motorized hand tool & regular magnifier can be positioned so you can work with both hands & see what you are doing.

All the clamps, rings & rods shown in the pictures above are interchangeable & will work with our 2 different support bases. Send us your pictures if you find interesting ways to use them.

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