After years of research and many fiery laboratory experiments, scientists have discovered how to see through fire — findings that have important implications for everything from cooking to research on how buildings burn. Because sensors and other measurement tools often don’t work when a building or other object is burning, research on fire has been very difficult. Thankfully, researches have discovered the strategy of using blue light to see through flames. Before, blue light has been used — just not to this degree of effectiveness.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the past, fire has been difficult to study, because flames make it difficult to see or detect a burning object.
  • After years of research, scientists have finally successfully seen through flames, using blue light technology.
  • This result has important results for science, across different fields that use or study fire.

“The scientists tasked with understanding how fire destroys structures and devours our possessions need to watch these things burn ? in the laboratory, that is.”

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