Greenland Ice

Greenland’s ice sheets hold clues to global sea-level rise

If the Greenland Ice Sheet melts significantly, it will affect far more than a few bridges. It could cause significant sea-level rise, which could leave coastal communities throughout the world—and even entire island nations—underwater. To learn more about how quickly the ice sheet is expected to melt, scientists from all around the world, including Rennermalm, are conducting research at far-flung field locations to study different aspects of the ice sheet, track changes, and plan for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Researching ice cores from the ice streams and using this data to peek into the past and find useful clues for the future.
  • Major loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet could leave large population centers underwater.
  • They are determining whether precipitation, temperature, or a combination of the two is influencing melt rate

“Scientists are drilling deep into glaciers and using sophisticated equipment to better understand a critical piece of the climate puzzle.”

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