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Glass Beakers-Wedding Gift Messages

Glass Beakers: Custom Imprinting

An on-line search for lab beakers glass will turn up many vendors but few if any print custom messages on them.  Fortunately Derinda B. didn’t give up easily & found us. Her concern was whether we could deliver on time.

Printed Beakers-Delivered on Time!

In her words: “We need 250 250ml beakers printed & delivered for a wedding on May 27, 2017. I would like to have it before then if possible. Below is the logo I would like to use. I would like the logo in all white. So that it can be easily seen. ( if you have another suggestion I am very open)! Thank you for your time and attention to this matter”.

We immediately replied saying stock was low but we would have them a month the job and printing could be down with 4 days. To set her mind at ease that she had found the right people we sent  sent an image of a recent job for the opening of a distillery. All we needed was to do a proof for her to approve and her address so we could quote both a delivered price and guaranteed delivery date.

Her logo was clever and the white print matched the white volume markings on the other side of the beakers. The artwork just needed a little bit adjusting to ensure all the elements fit.

We then determined that black ink had better contrast. The final proof went out and returned signed & approved. The beakers came in on schedule,  were printed and shipped with time to spare.  The finished product is shown below.

Wedding Glass Beakers
This 250ml beaker is imprinted with a personal message to make a unique wedding gift. There’s a bit of artistic licence in the 2 chemicals but the effect speaks for itself.

Wedding Beakers: Reception

We followed up on June 5th and received this reply, from the now married Derinda A.

“The beakers were great. The only complaint I have is the image is not the same size (scale) as the proof that I signed off on. The words were really small. And some of the ink on the last ones were smeared/ ran together. I knew what the words said but my cousins couldn’t figure it out…. our guest number changed and I needed all of the beakers and didn’t want to try to get them re-made and not have them. So we just used them. Other than that they were perfect and everyone loved them and So did we!!! Thank you for getting them here!!”

What We Learned

Naturally we were a bit disappointed that it hadn’t been the perfect wedding gift.  What we had missed was that a flat proof of a curved object doesn’t accurately depict the final result. In retrospect, we should have suggested the chemicals go above & below the message to make more room for the print.

Our rule of thumb now is that the printed message can be roughly 1/5th to 1/6th of the beaker circumference.  Go to  Science Lab Beakers, scroll down and click on the Technical Tab for dimensions of all the beakers. They’re all in mm but we know science types can convert diameter to circumference and mm to inches. FYI, there are 25mm/inch.

Other Glassware

We can print more than just beakers. You can see Iodine flasks below that are labelled as oil & vinegar cruets. There’s enough room to add a small message as well.

Oil and vinegar cruets
Iodine flasks labelled with oil and vinegar. His & hers & other possibilities?

Other Resources

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Custom Imprinted glass beakers for weddings and other events.
Article Name
Custom Imprinted glass beakers for weddings and other events.
Science lab glassware is increasingly popular for use in kitchens, product displays, packaging and beverage dispensing. They are even being used as novel wedding gifts with a custom imprinted logo that commemorates the married couples' special event. Beakers are the most popular but flasks and even graduated cylinders have room for a logo and/or message.
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